Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I just don't know what to talk about.

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Why the hell is my blog is in english now? and have you ever wonder why ducks also want to read this piece of shit masterpiece? You never wonder about it? Well yeah, me too.. eheh..

Actually, what i've been doing is experimenting my blog by observing the amount of visitors weekly. In the mean time I also spice up my blog with varieties of stupidity excitement such as posting ri-donkey-less story that is not even related with my life, changing the language by using google translate (since i'm NOT good in conversing in english) and a put up a very gay colourful background that will annoys the viewers. :P
During that time, viewers might experience a deadly boredom due the changes that i made. (great, that will decrease the viewers smartass kid). :D

The purpose of this experiment is to determine what kind of content that viewers love to read. (wah, dah macam nak buat proposal FYP dah ni).

Thanks for your patientness readers!

p/s:- seriously, I myself didn't even know why did I put a picture of a baby doll. Haha..
oh, these changes might be temporary. :)


elmo blurb said...

kz, kamu sudah berubah. totally.

FuNNa said...

hahhaha..yg bmlayu dulu agi best la! :p

kzklub said...

Heheh..ini percubaan je. Sendiri pun rasa tak best bila baca blog ni. haha..

elmo blurb said...

tahu takpe. pelik sungguh. HAHA