Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Coti-coti Malaysia.

Today I feel like writing eventhough there are plenty of assignments need to be submitted within this two days, yet I still feels like writing something... Emmm... Something that is... stupid. Eh.. I mean isss-to-paid.. To get paid by nuffnang. :D

It's all because of these pictures, they have an infectious gimme-a-caption attraction that affect me and corrupted my vision of finishing assignments by tomorrow. ceyy.. vision la konon. vision city *merapu.

Without delaying any further, I present you 'Los Momentos..' *with 'tadaa..' as a BG sound.

Trip to the waterfall

The long-walking journey

we found the err... The Bearded Tree..

Arrived at the chill water. Without further delay

I strike a very cute pose. Cute isn't it? :P
Everybody feels like doing it too..

so they too strike a _____ pose. (You can fill in the blanks with unappropriate answers). :D

A week after that I went to the second trip.

A trip to the lagoon...

A really nice view with some weird poses

building castle like building with the sand-castle girls

and having a really nice FOODS!!

with the rocking-fellas

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