Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pakar IT, Pakar Ekonomi, jaguh sukan dan juga jutawan...

Hey fellas, waddup? (macam budak noob nerd yang cool kan?) /:-|

Hari ini kita belajar IT yakni cara-cara meningkatkan kelajuan melayari internet anda. Untuk membuatkan entri kali ini lebih menarik tetapi bosan, gua menerapkan elemen-elemen english agar bakal calon SPM dan calon menantu boleh belajar english. Bangga mak kau uols Senah boleh cakap english.

Okay, what we are going to do is we will configure some settings on your computer that might affect the browsing speed of the internet. Although the internet speed nowadays is faster than Ferrari, I believe that this tutorial might be useful when you are using your internet in some distant area where your 'Ferrari' cannot go fast as you hope so. Note that this tutorial only works for computer users only, smartphones bye bye~ unless you are smarter than your smartphone. eh?

First and foremost, we are going to find free public DNS over the internet. Now, i'm sure you might be asking what the heck is DNS? DNS stands for Donkey Nak Susu which means in english Domain Name Server (lain kan maksud dia? hehe).
Now, what does this DNS do and why do we need to find it? To avoid further unnecessary answers from me, I suggest you guys to google answers these questions. You might find more reliable but difficult to understand answers, in other words nerdy answers. (Heheh.. nampak sangat malas nak explain) Or if you want a 'proper' answer from me, don't be shy to formspring me. I will copy and paste the answers from wikipedia for you. Hehe.. Oh, by the way it is advisable to find more than one DNS number because... err.. because I said so. Proceed..

Okay after we find DNS numbers, we must ping all the numbers. This is to determine whether your DNS's can boost up your browsing speed or not. Bear in mind that the lower the result, the better the DNS is.

Hah! I bet you don't know how to ping right? Don't worry. luckily it is easy enough as easy as counting one two three, so I will spare some time to show you guys how to ping. First, open an internet browser and search for google homepage. And then do as the figure shown below.

*click to enlarge

Tadaa... now you have plenty of options to solve your problems. Select any option that you like and follow the instructions given. You guys love options right? :D
Now, here comes the techy part. Configuring the DNSSSSSSS... *scary tone*
  1. Go to your Network Connections page and open the properties options of your dialer.
  2. Open Internet Protocol v4 settings and choose "use the following DNS address" option.
  3. Key in your DNS number inside both boxes, the primary and the alternate DNS. Click OK

*click to enlarge

Voila! now your DNS is configured. Now you can browse a little bit faster than before. Yeayy!! :D
Hope that this tutorial helps you a little. Hehe..

p/s : Jadi dengan ini saya harap anda dapat mengambil sedikit iktibar dan memperbaiki kelemahan kita. Eh, macam tazkirah pulak. OKBAI.

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